Lincoln, Lincoln, I’ve Been Thinkin’ 1

When I took the GRE, I signed up for the “search service” that allows the testing board to send my info to various graduate schools so they can attempt to recruit me and/or offer me scholarships. Which is fine with me, since if someone wants to offer me free grad school, I’m all ears.

I got a basic “Check out our program!” email this evening from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. It might have been intriguing had I not thought to take a look at the weather forecast for Lincoln for the next few days:

I realize I’ve been spoiled by living in Southern California for six years, but I think even when I lived in Chicago I would have looked at that forecast and thought, “Perhaps they should have waited until spring to send out recruiting emails.”

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  1. Reply Tara Jan 6,2010 7:16 am

    Love this. Yes, Nebraska is one of those rare places where it can be 100+ degrees for a week in the summer and then -75 degree windchills for a week in the winter. Great if you’re in high school and want out of school, probably not awesome in any other circumstance. But this is only one of about 20 reasons I would not recommend UNL for you 😉

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