I Love L.A. 1

I was in Santa Monica getting a drink with a friend at Finn McCool’s, and I came out to discover that a ready-to-use bumper sticker had been placed under my rear windshield wiper.

It reads “Keep Your Dissidence,” which is cute. But what’s better is that it’s from the “Society for the Rehumanization of Humanity.”

Say, if we’re stil considered Humanity, then why do we need to be rehumanized?

Also, the contact number for this organization has been whited out. Clearly, that’s a function of the inhumanity of the humans at the phone company.

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  1. Reply Cleo Aug 31,2004 4:41 pm

    Ah, the “Keep Your Dissendence” sticker. When I was out there visiting you in March, some guy talked to me about this sticker that he “found” Venice Beach… I found our chat interesting, but then he tried to sell me three of them for $5. I tried to tell him he was preaching to the choir, but he wouldn’t let up. So I ended up ignoring him and he eventually walked away.

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