I Can See Clearly Now

It’s been about a month since I got glasses, and I notice a definite difference. I’m almost used to the feel of them on my face.

I wear them all the time – or almost all the time. The Giant Damn TV is about big enough and close enough to cancel out my nearsightedness, and the TiVo menus are gigantic enough that I can get away without wearing them if I don’t feel like it.

But I have to wear them when I’m using the computer (which is pretty much all the time) since there seems to be an onging design trend on the internet to use the tiniest fucking font people can get away with, and my good eye’s just not good enough to compensate for my bad eye. I bump up the font where I can, but there’s no match for the glasses.

I really didn’t realize how bad my bad eye had gotten, and evening them out with glasses makes for some interesting side effects when I take them off. My good eye is starting to get used to not needing to overcorrect, so when I take the glasses off, my vision, at least initially, is much worse than it was before I got glasses.

There is one bad thing, though. It’s a habit I can’t quite break: Whenever I walk into a dark bar or a dark room, I keep taking off my glasses like I used to when I walked into a darker room while wearing sunglasses. And it still takes me a minute to realize, “Wait, that didn’t actually help.”

And then I put my glasses back on, and I try to get used to the fact that from now on, this is how everything’s going to look.




A small but related aside: I went to Zenni Optical to order a cheap backup pair of glasses since I’m a clumsy-ass who breaks everything remotely fragile, and wound up ordering a pair of sunglasses too. What’s really ridiculous is that the sunglasses wound up being cheaper than the pairs I usually buy at Rite Aid, and they still look totally fine. Got both pairs in about two weeks for about 30 bucks total. Definitely recommend this place to my fellow four-eyes if you’re looking for cheapies or sunglasses.

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