I’m a little fried.

This calc class I’m taking is significantly more difficult than the last one (mostly due to the professor, for reasons which I’m saving for what will be a rather caustic evaluation), and the physics class, which I knew was going to be hard, is pretty damn hard.

I’m basically taking the equivalent of an 18 credit quarter right now (normal courseload at UCLA is recommended to be 16 credits), and I think I will be doing that for much of the next year.

I’m also extremely rusty at much of the algebra and have always been terrible at trigonometry, and physics and calc are full of both, so it’s taking me significantly longer than the professors claim it will to do all the homework.

So yeah, been nice knowing all of you, I’ll be here in my room doing homework until approximately June.

That’s almost the worst thing about all this: My roommate is out of the country for ten days and I have spent a total of about two hours in the living room, most of it doing calc homework. The rest of the time is in my bedroom, on the computer or doing calc/physics homework.

Also, I’d like to note that whoever came up with trig integrals can go fuck themselves. The formulas are so complicated I can’t even type them (the last four here are good examples of what I’m dealing with), and they make me want to beat my head against the wall until I see gray matter.

I’m hoping that this will get a little bit easier in the fall when I’m at least interested in SOME of the classes I’m taking and will see a longer-term purpose than “I just have to get as high a grade as possible in this stupid class” to what I’ll be doing.

In the meantime, I’ll be studying, working out, eating, and sleeping, in that order of priority, chanting over and over again, “It’s just a year. It’s just a year. It’s just a year.”

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