I had to have some work done to the right side of my car after a little scrape, and it wasn’t cheap.

I had it done while I was out of town, and the car looks good as new. It should, for what I paid them, but they really did do a nice job in making it look like nothing ever happened.

So you’d think, after pocketing an enormous amount of my money, the body shop would check to make sure the car was working properly when I took it back.

You’d think. Apparently, they would not.

I stopped to get gas tonight on my way home, and my gas tank door, right near the area that was fixed, doesn’t spring open anymore.

Luckily the guy at the gas station was able to easily get it open with me pulling on the release latch, but it should not take two people to open a little door.

Gah. I guess I know what I’m doing tomorrow morning.

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