Fun With The CrapCam 2

So, I took a couple pictures today with my phone’s spectacular CrapCam, and thought I’d ask an opinon on one and share a couple others.

Question: Who’s right about my dad’s shirt?

Now, this shirt is much, much brighter than this photo would lead you to believe. It is also Ralph Lauren. My dad thinks it’s high fashion. I think it makes him look like he just escaped from clown college. Who’s right?

And, here’s my stepbrother’s adorable new dog, Lily:

She let me escape a couple of times from the screamin’ kiddies into the eerily quiet suburban night. Good dog.

And, remember my post about The Man With No Concept Of Irony? Well, here’s a CrapCam photo I snapped of his trailer at a stoplight:

That’s all for today’s episode of CrapCam Theatre. Stay tuned for next week’s edition, “Seventeen Pictures The Camera Accidentally Took Of The Inside Of My Pants Pocket.”

2 thoughts on “Fun With The CrapCam

  1. Reply mrs. e. Nov 25,2005 6:10 am

    re: the shirt — you’re right. but i can see why your dad would think it’s high fashion. it is ralph lauren, after all. :-)

  2. Reply Ellen Nov 26,2005 2:36 am

    Just ’cause it’s Ralph doesn’t mean it ain’t oogly. Ray Ann gave the further argument that assorted moguls were spotted around Sun Valley (where they purchased the Shirt of Many Colors) wearing the same shirt.

    My response is that the number of participants in a fashion trend doesn’t make it any less stupid. Actually, it usually makes it even stupider (see: Uggs in Los Angeles, where there is no earthly need for them, but last fall they were EVERYWHERE).

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