For My Fellow Amazing Race Fans

I have to pass along this small bit of genius. The fine folks at Television Without Pity came up with a completely brilliant recaplet of the finale.

Since the recaplets are pulled as soon as the full recap is up, I screencaped it in case you miss it.

For those who don’t watch Amazing Race:

1. You should be glad you missed this crap-ass season, but you should tune in for TAR 9 in February, because the preview they showed for it last night made it look like a normal season of TAR, which is better than most everything on television.

2. There was a family named the Weavers who prayed to God for every. last. thing. they could possibly do so for, and it got astoundingly grating, exponentially more so as they also turned out to be hypocrites of the highest order, wondering why people weren’t getting along with them and then acting like total assholes. And that’s who this recaplet is a shout-out to. Or really, a SHUT UP to.

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