Flickr Fun 2

So Flickr has a feature wherein you can compare the statistics of all your pictures, and see which ones are the most popular, see where your hits are coming from, and things of that nature. It’s pretty interesting and a fantastic way to kill time if you’re really bored.

I have one photo that is far and away the most popular one (almost 2500 views vs. the 2nd place photo’s 1900, and 10th place’s 390). Is it well-composed? Is it of something particularly unusual? Or is it this:

That’s right, a picture I took of a grow room in the Amsterdam Hemp and Marijuana Museum is the most popular picture I’ve ever taken. It’s managed to make its way onto the first page of search results for both “hemp” and “marijuana” on Flickr, so I suppose that helps.

I’m inordinately amused by how very, very many people seem to enjoy this picture, despite how utterly craptacular it is. Piss-poorly framed, shot with a terrible resolution camera, and really kind of indistinct. But it’s weed, man, so it’s popular.

Clearly, I should start aiming more of my efforts in everything artistic at the stoner crowd, because they’re easy to please.

2 thoughts on “Flickr Fun

  1. Reply TRoyal Aug 27,2008 5:20 am

    And if weed were legalized, no one would be viewing the pic at all, because they’d be taking artsy shots of their own grow rooms.

  2. Reply Ellen Aug 27,2008 10:36 am

    Heh, yeah. I bet in terms of percentages, the number of people actually viewing that picture from the Netherlands is pretty low, even taking into account the proportionally lower representation of the Dutch on Flickr.

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