Confidence in Our Chief Executive

A view into exactly how big a jackass our Commander in Chief is, courtesy of the Los Angeles Times. Link requires registration, so here’s the best (and/or most egregious) part, emphasis mine:

Tugging at their pride, and perhaps straining their loyalty, the exerciser in chief presided Tuesday over the latest inductees into the 100-Degree Club — the clique of White House aides brave (or perhaps gullible) enough to run three miles in the blazing August sun of central Texas.

The run, whose participants included new White House Press Secretary Tony Snow and a dozen or so other staffers, commenced around 4 p.m. — exactly when local temperature readings hit the three-digit mark.

The prize for those who completed the exercise: a 100-Degree Club T-shirt and a photo with the president, along with a sunburn and a good story to tell friends back home.

Bush, a one-time avid jogger who was forced to stop after developing knee problems in 2003, rode circles on his bicycle around the runners, offering playful taunts and encouragement.

I already had a fairly low opinion of George W. Bush before this, but somehow, this managed to break through the bottom of the barrel.

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