Are You Ready For Some Baseball? 2

At long last, baseball returns to my hometown. I think I might now officially have a National League team.

For the record, I will still be rooting for the O’s, since I grew up rooting for them. However, they’re currently in a state of perpetual suckage, so it’ll be nice to have another bad team to root for.

God help us if they name them the Senators again, though. At least if they named them the Washington Interns, they’d have an excuse for sucking.

2 thoughts on “Are You Ready For Some Baseball?

  1. Reply Laz Sep 30,2004 3:43 am

    They might as well call them the Washington Generals, since they’ll be about as successful… 🙂

  2. Reply TRoyal Oct 1,2004 12:23 pm

    I felt obligated to add…


    But I remember the Washington Federals. That name wouldn’t suck. And eff Peter Angelos.

    /old school

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