Annals Of Unintentionally Hilarious Heirlooms

My mom gave me a very nice and unexpected bonus gift for Christmas this year.

My dad’s late mother had given her some nice linen napkins and a linen tablecloth when they got married, and my mom passed them on to me.

They’re still in great shape, and they’re monogrammed. And that’s where the hilarity, alas, ensues.

The napkins are not hilarious. They simply have the Shapiro S (presented through the magic of CrapCam):

Simple. Classy. Dignified.

The monogram, however, becomes more problematic. You see, my grandmother’s first name was Alice, and instead of going with her middle name, she went with her maiden name for the monogram. Which started with an S.

And here’s the result:

From what I know of my dad’s father (who had a legendarily filthy sense of humor), I’m sure he thought it was hysterical.

From what I know of my grandmother, she probably didn’t even think about it until after they got married and she went to get something monogrammed, and was subsequently mortified.

Personally, I think it explains an awful lot about where I came from.

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