An Ode To My Neighbor 2

Bud Light Presents: Real Men Of Genius
(Reeeal men of geeeenius!)

Today we salute you, Mr. Obnoxious Screaming Steelers fan
(Mr. Obnoxious Screaming Steelers fan!)

You have no regard for your neighbors when watching 10am games every Sunday, WOO!ing and clapping until you wake up the whole building
(WOO! *clap clap clap*)

Are you completely obilvious to the fact that your open living room window lets the sound bounce around the hole in the middle of the building
(It’s called an atriuuuuum)

I hope the Steelers choke in the playoffs, because at least that will shut your dumb ass up
(Like when the Lakers choked last year)

Have you no sympathy for the hungover folk who were drinking last night?
(Well it WAS New Year’s Eve)

I hope Roethlisberger breaks his leg. Go to hell, you loud, stupid asshole.
(Mr. Obnoxious Screaming Steelers Fan)

Anheuser-Busch, St. Louis, Missouri.

2 thoughts on “An Ode To My Neighbor

  1. Reply KM Jan 1,2006 11:33 pm

    That’s beautiful.
    (and I bet Laz’s neighbor wrote a similar one about us during the bowl game.)

  2. Reply mrs. e. Jan 2,2006 5:16 am


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