Achtung: Flying Fish

I went fishing with my dad today, and he did really well. He caught five fish: two HUGE cutthroat trout, two good-sized rainbows, and a pretty decent-sized brook trout.

I, on the other hand…I hooked one fish myself. Well, hooked might not be the right word. I had a little rainbow that was maybe five or six inches long bite on my fly, and I yanked the hook to set it.

Except I apparently yanked a little too hard for a fish that small, because this poor fish went FLYING out of the water, at least 10 yards onto the bank, and right next to the surprised and very amused guide.

The guide was nice enough to put what I’m sure was a very confused fish back in the water. His friends will never believe the story he tells: “My god, I saw giants!”

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