A Delicious Breakfast of Failure

I was famished when I got back from the gym today, so I poured myself a big bowl of milk and Cheerios. I got about three bites into it when I realized, “Gee, despite the fact that it smelled okay, this milk tastes awfully sour.”

I realized how sour as I was pouring the bowl into the garbage disposal. The milk wasn’t pouring, it was oozing. Hopefully the few bites I had aren’t going to come back on me later.

I was out of non-cereal breakfast food besides eggs, so I said, okay, I’ll just make myself some scrambled eggs. So I scrambled up the eggs, and go to turn on the stove. Of course, the electric stove starter isn’t working.

I broke out my headlamp and looked behind the stove, and somehow it’s managed to come unplugged. My arm is neither thin nor long enough to reach back to the plug on its own.

I MacGyvered up a poking stick from some vacuum cleaner parts, but I couldn’t get enough leverage to actually push the plug back in far enough to get it working.

I tried to pull the stove out, but it’s firmly wedged in. Finally, I gave up and decided to use my big long lighter to just light the damn burner.

I looked all over the place for the big long lighter. Couldn’t find it. Finally gave up and used a normal lighter, almost burning my thumb off in the process.

But at least I had my eggs, which I ate while calling the landlord and telling him to send over some guys to help me plug the damn stove back in.

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