The Epitome of Los Angeles 2

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a better example of how this town values style over substance than when I was driving home this evening.

I saw a beat up Geo Metro with brand new spinner hubcaps.

You know, the hubcaps that have a piece that spins independently of the actual wheel so it either looks stable while you’re moving or continues to spin when you stop.

I strongly suspect that the hubcaps were more valuable than the entire rest of the car combined. In fact, by selling the car and saving the money from the hubcaps, a much better car could have been purchased.

And thusly, style won out over substance, even in the driving choices of the utterly broke.

2 thoughts on “The Epitome of Los Angeles

  1. Reply Laz May 8,2004 7:47 am

    My Hyundai TOTALLY needs some of those.

  2. Reply Debra May 18,2004 7:57 am

    LOL! As someone who doesn;t live far from you, I know exactly what you mean! It’s a bit sad how far gone our “Hollywood” mentality has taken our vision of quality.

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