Applause 1

My mom sent me one of the oddest gifts I’ve ever recieved as a ridiculously early birthday gift.

She sent me an APPLAUSE sign, complete with remote control that causes it to either light up, flash, turn off, or make a “crowd screaming” noise.

Have you ever opened a gift, and suddenly had a realization about your family? My realization upon opening this one was: Insanity is clearly genetic.

There wasn’t really an appropriate place for it at my apartment, so I brought it into work. People were highly amused, especially because we don’t have a real applause sign at the show.

It now proudly decorates the P.A. office, perching rather precariously atop a light fixture where it can easily reach an outlet.

And there it shall remain until I claw my way into a position where I have my own office.

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