Mmm…Secondhand Smoke…

I have some neighbors that smoke pot every once in a while. Normally, this would not really be a problem, but everytime I smell the smoke, I’m suddenly overcome by the urge to bake chocolate chip cookies.

I should be acclimated to pot smoke. I lived with people between sophomore and junior years who were so constantly stoned I’m surprised they didn’t perma-bond to their couch.

The whole apartment reeked of weed and curry powder for months, even after they moved out and we had the whole apartment repainted.

So you’d think a little secondhand pot smoke wouldn’t affect me. I think, however, the fact that these people are clearly smoking much better weed than the people I sublet from might have something to do with it.

The girls I lived with smoked basically seeds and stems, and lived in the midwest. Whatever my neighbors are smoking is way, way more potent.

They don’t smoke that often (or at least not that often when I’m around), which is good, because otherwise I’d be up to my neck in chocolate chip cookies.

I’m madly compelled to make these cookies, to the point that I’ll start salivating like Pavlov’s dog as soon as I get a whiff of the wacky tobaccky.

Lord knows what I’d be doing if I could actually smoke pot without having a severe athsma attack. Probably opening a bakery.

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