Kahleefohnia! 3

Today’s installment of Life Under the Governator: The ad currently airing asking people to vote for Propositions 57 and 58, some sort of balanced budget type thing.

The joke is not the issue. It’s the commercial, and the hilarious contrast between the two men delivering the message. Enjoy.

3 thoughts on “Kahleefohnia!

  1. Reply Kim Feb 28,2004 7:24 pm

    I bet the small guy was standing on a box.

  2. Reply Laz Feb 29,2004 7:41 am

    … and things of this nature.

    I love Darrell Hammond’s Arnold impersonation. Of course, nothing beats Robert Smigel’s on Conan.

    “Go rent the holiday classic JINGLE ALL DA WAY!”

  3. Reply Joel Feb 29,2004 11:07 pm

    It would have been really hilarious if they had run into each other.

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