Brief Things 2

– There needs to be a moratorium on the use of “Hey Ya!” in commercials, promotions, awards shows, and anyplace outside of an exclusively musical context. It’s a great song, please don’t kill it.

– I love that the suggestion of the German police who found this guy was “You should probaby have a professional do that.” American cops probably would have arrested him.

– Is anyone else surrounded by pregnant people? There’s at least 6 people I can think of at work that are pregnant or have pregnant girlfriends/wives, two in my department alone. It’s all a little bit weird.

All right, that was all.

2 thoughts on “Brief Things

  1. Reply Dave Weigel Feb 21,2004 10:31 pm

    Truer words never spoken. The last time I saw the “50 First Dates” trailer, complete with the sound of a record screeching to a halt to showcase the “funny parts” (Rob Schneider falls into a lake! Deeeeuhr!), I could feel myself losing love for “Hey Ya.” I don’t want that to happen.

  2. Reply Jack Hewitt Feb 23,2004 1:33 am

    Maybe all the pregnant girlfriends/wives at your office are pregnant because it’s like how girls who live together end up having the same cycles. If that’s true you better watch out Ellen. (And maybe I received my sex education in Saudi Arabia…)

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