Rave 2

I have gotten so addicted to 24 it’s not even funny. I don’t have time to blame all the people who recommended it to me, so for now I’ll just blame Mark Greer and Laz, the two people who cheerleaded for it the most to me.

I hadn’t actually watched before this season, but this season has completely absorbed me. And I think that’s one thing I kind of like about it.

It’s a bit of an all-or-nothing thing. You either watch the whole season and are entirely transfixed by it, or you don’t watch a single episode (or are ridiculously confused if you try).

I won’t go into details because a) it would take way too long and b) I don’t want to ruin anything for people who taped tonight’s episode, which was a doozy.

This year’s plot has me going “Oh my god, they did NOT just do that!” in a good way at least once every two episodes. No other show on TV does that.

Now, after the above statements, unless you want to read all the TWOP recaps (or the far less entertaining but more straightforward Fox episode guide), now would probably not be a good time to start watching this season, since you’d be very, very confused.

But grab one of the other seasons on DVD from your friendly local house of movies. I think I’m going to one of these weekends, because I am now totally this show’s bitch.

2 thoughts on “Rave

  1. Reply Laz Feb 18,2004 8:07 pm

    Go get the DVDs for Season Two, The Most Perfect Season Of Television Ever Assembled. Go now. Don’t wait. GO! WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE? GO!!!

    I’m loving this season, but nothing will ever come close to Season Two of 24.

  2. Reply Ellen Feb 19,2004 7:39 am

    didn’t Spawn of Kiefer (tm TWoP) get kidnapped 3 times in one day in that season? or was that the first season?

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