Way To Promote Your Dignity 2

I taped (excuse me, TiVo’d) the Tonight Show tonight because Shelby Lynne was on, who I fucking love. But this is not about music. No, this is about politics, showbiz, and sheer and utter shamelessness.

They had a segment where they played “The Dating Game” with presidential candidate and all-around weirdo Dennis Kucinich.

The bachelorrettes were Jennifer Tilly, some random blonde bombshell radio chick (“Kim Seferin” or somesuch), and Cybill Shepherd.

My question for all of these people is: “What the fuck are you on?!”

Kucinich at least seems to realize that he doesn’t have a shot in hell of actually winning the nomination, and is poking a bit of fun at it. But it certainly shoots to hell any chance he has over ever being taken seriously again.

The random blonde bombshell is clearly in it for the publicity, and Cybill Shepherd is a complete publicity whore, and looked like she was on any number of drugs, especially when flashing the bright red boxer shorts on under her dress.

Jennifer Tilly I think did it because she’s got a reputation for being completely daffy anyway, so it’s not like she can look any goofier. I think she underestimated the power of Kucinich to make anyone standing next to him look fucking ridiculous.

But basically, everyone involved participated in these shenanigans for one ridiculously simple reason: They want to be on television.

I find it interesting that the same desire that gets people to hold up “Hi Mom!” signs on the Today show gets actresses and politicians to make complete asses out of themselves on national television.

2 thoughts on “Way To Promote Your Dignity

  1. Reply Laz Feb 14,2004 7:36 am

    First of all, don’t mock my boy Dennis. He’s gonna be the next president of the US. See, it’s perfect. Kerry will get torn down because of this affair nonsense, and at the convention, Kucinich will be the only challenger left (he has said he won’t drop out no matter what). And since he’s SINGLE, he can’t ever get in trouble for fooling around. So the dems will nominate him, and his awesome anti-bush rhetoric will be enough to win the election. And he’ll be the greatest president in the history of little trolls! Er, I mean, the United States of America!

    And second of all, there’s no apostrophe. It’s not a possessive. It’s TiVoed. Get it right, newbie!!!

  2. Reply Anonymous Feb 19,2004 10:05 pm

    dennis is the shit… by far the best dem canidate out there. he can act a fool if he wants, b/c he’s the only one that says anything of substance, and would support my needs as a president. and he will get my primary vote

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