Life Imitates Simpsons

You know the Simpsons episode where Bart repaints the lines in the teachers’ parking lot exactly one foot closer together, and then the teachers can’t get out of their cars?

I think someone with a similar sense of humor must have designed the spaces at the lot I park in at work.

I tried to pull into three seperate parking spaces today, and if I had tried to open the doors of my car on either side, I wouldn’t have been able to squeeze out.

This wasn’t a problem for me before, when I’d arrive early enough to have at least one empty side for me to get out on. Now I come in the middle of the day, when everyone is already at work.

So now I end up having to pull half-crooked into parking spaces just to get out of my car. Which is fine, for pragmatism and all.

But then, when I have to leave, it’s abundantly clear that I’ve done a cracked-out parking job, because mine is one of about six cars left in the lot, and it’s parked diagonally, occasionally draining over into other spaces.

It’s madness, I tell you. Madness!

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