Incompetent Boobery Update 1

Mr. Timberlake blames a “wardrobe malfunction.”

And the headlines just keep on coming. Thus far, a couple of the more entertaining ones:

CBS Beats Breast Over Jackson’s Slip Up (Toronto Globe and Mail)

Super Bowl tittilation shocks audience (The Age [Melbourne, Austrailia])

Sorry for the boob, says CBS (The Sydney [Austrailia] Morning Herald, in a story earlier headlined “Janet hangs out with Justin,” according to Google News)

To NFL’s Horror, It’s A Skins Game (Miami Herald)

Timberlake Isn’t Only Surprise Appearance (Tampa Tribune)

I’m still waiting on the New York Post and the British tabloids’ headlines on this. They should be quite entertaining.

Edited to add: Okay, it definitely wasn’t a pastie (or however you spell it) and

this not-safe-for-work and painful looking picture is the proof. Ow ow OW. Thanks to someone at TWoP’s boards for inflicting this upon us all.

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