Fun With Craigslist

Still no word on the job, but I think it was worth it just to see this post as I was looking through the LA Radio/TV/Film job listings:

i need someone to write me a song about chapter 3 in my american history book. the chapter is about Thomas Jefferson, The age of Jackson (Andrew JAckson), Manifest Destiny, The Industrial Revolution coming to America, and Reforming American Society. I can give you exact details later. If you are interested PLEASE RESPOND NOW!!! I need this tomorrow, but i can get an extension until TUESDAY!! thank you

I find two things highly amusing about this post.

1. Some teacher was actually bored enough with normal assignments to assign something like “write a song about this chapter, instead of just writing a report.”

2. This person is so terribly behind and concerned about their grade on this silly assignment that they are willing to contact and possibly pay a total stranger to write said song.

It’s always nice to know that there are people out there more fucked than you, especially if it’s amusingly so.

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