Trailers vs. Movies 1

When you’re pairing trailers and commercials with a movie, generally it’s a good idea to pair them properly, like a big-budget comedy promoting a big-budget action-comedy.

When I went to see Monster tonight, there was one commercial and one trailer that made me get out my ticket and make sure I was in the right theater.

The commercial was for the DVD release of My Boss’s Daughter, complete with “hilarious” deleted scenes (which would really be something, since the movie itself was widely panned as not funny in the least).

The trailer was for some thing called Motorcross Kids, about a motorcycle racing kids, a chimpanzee, and Gary Busey. The trailer was nonsensical, but then again, most everything featuring Gary Busey is.

Now, for either of these things: Why on earth would they advertise them in front of a stark, independent drama about a serial killer? This deeply, deeply confuses me.

Monster, by the way, is a very good movie. I definitely recommend it. Just pray the trailer coordinators aren’t as dumb as the ones in Santa Monica.

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  1. Reply Dave Jan 26,2004 3:42 am

    I’ll make a bold prediction and say that “Monster” makes the most emotionally powerful use of a Journey song that you will ever see in a movie.

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