It’s very weird to have something of a winter break when you’re not in school anymore. When in school, it’s expected. When not, it’s a gift, but a very strange gift, since not many people get it.

The show doesn’t tape for two weeks during the holidays, and everyone works ridiculous hours when we do tape, so they pretty much shut down for the length of the holidays.

So now, I’ve got nothing to do until January 5th except go survive a week in Connecticut with my insane relatives, sit on the beach, and watch all the movies sitting on my TiVo.

It’s also not like I’m going to be missing my paycheck, since I’m not so much getting one right now. Thank god for little things like savings and the ability to mooch heavily.

It is going to be a little weird to not be able to socialize with the folks at work. One thing that I really undervalue about having a job is actually getting out of the house all the time and talk face to face to real people.

I’m kind of sad too because a couple of the really kickass other interns are gone now, so it’s gonna be a bit odd to be back with a new batch of interns plus one or two from before.

But overall, it’s gonna be nice to be able to sit around and do basically nothing except maybe give my apartment a thorough cleaning for the next couple of weeks.

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