Continued Adventures In Stupid Injuries

It can’t top the Tomato Sauce Incident, but as I was getting ready to bring my laundry downstairs, I somehow managed to cut myself on a laundry basket.

It’s not like it’s a wooden laundry basket that has things poking out everywhere, either. It’s just your standard issue plastic laundry basket with holes in the side.

I was trying to compress my laundry so I wouldn’t leave a Hansel-and-Gretel-like trail of socks from my apartment to the laundry room, and my finger caught on one of the holes.

I thought it had just scraped some skin off, but given my recent string of stupid injuries, I should have known that the next time I looked at my hand it would be bleeding semi-profusely.

You know, I have a bunch of really sharp knives in this apartment, and I cut bagels every day at work. Have I ever gotten a cut from one of these normal slicing apparatus? No.

Apparently, I can only injure myself in contrived and ridiculous ways.

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