Silly Hollywood 2

Weigel dissects the bombs of the past year.

Of the movies he mentions, I’ve only seen three:

– The Matrix Reloaded, which was so underwhelming that I didn’t even bother with Revolutions

– Master and Commander, which was all setting and no plot

– Tomb Raider 2, which was just pretty goddamn bad. But it had Angelina, so I had to go.

Seeing the list (which I’m sure is only a partial list of films that bombed this year, not to mention ones that weren’t as expensive, but sucked just as much), I’m thankful those are the only three.

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  1. Reply Dave Weigel Dec 4,2003 9:38 pm

    Merci for the link. Anyone who’s interested could do a similar survey by trolling boxofficemojo, truly the best website in the world outside of

    I have another little prediction: “Cold Mountain” will be merely ok, and will make merely a little money. For all the Oscar hype it’s gotten, it reminds me waaaay too much of “The Crucible” – top-shelf acting talent stuffed into a period drama that really doesn’t appeal to any demographic. Remember Ang Lee’s civil war epic “Ride With the Devil?” Of course you don’t. Just as entertainment writers were so very, very wrong about what movies would hit this year, so will they be wrong about “Cold Mountain.” They haven’t even seen the damn thing and they’re regurgitating studio hype. Assclowns.

    The Oscar nominees will be “Return of the King,” “Mystic River,” “Seabiscuit,” “Dirty Pretty Things,” and some other movie.

  2. Reply Ellen Dec 5,2003 5:35 am

    Dave Weigel, ladies and gentlemen! he’ll be here all week.

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