Work Fun

You know you’ve had a strange day when this is one of your more normal conversations:

(Co-worker walks by, does a double take, stops in front of the door)

Co-worker: What the hell are you doing?

Me: I’m inflating a Christmas tree.

Co-worker: Oh.

(Co-worker backs away slowly).

And yes, I really was inflating a Christmas tree. It was a promotional thing that someone in the office was sent, and said, “Hey, you got nothing to do? Wanna blow up a Christmas tree?” Clearly, the answer to this question is “Sure!”

Though I was inflating it with a hand pump, which caused said action to appear really, really wrong, which was likely a large part of what caused said co-worker’s confusion.

I love my job, but some days I really do feel like it takes place in the Twilight Zone.

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