Continuing the game that Cooper started:

You will live in Apartment.

You will drive a Red Fire Truck.

You will marry Angelina [Jolie] and have 4 kids.

You will be a Fry Cook in New York.

I could definitely do that. Hell, I’d do anything if it’d mean I could sleep with Angelina. And just think, I’d have a fire truck to put out all the grease fires I’d start as a fry cook.

Go here to play.

One comment on “MASH

  1. Reply Kim Nov 22,2003 4:49 pm

    That’s a bit like watching disk defragmenter. I wish it’d go quicker!

    You will live in House.
    You will drive a Green Honda Civic.
    You will marry David Bowie and have 3 kids.
    You will be a Secretary in Chicago.

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