I Was On TV! 4

Okay, granted, it was for five seconds total and the only way I could tell was through the magic of TiVo’s slow-motion button, aided by the fact that I knew where to look because I knew where I was sitting during the taping.

I feel a bit like Mike Wazowski in Monsters Inc.:

[Mike and Sulley watch a commercial featuring them, but Mike is covered over by the Monsters Inc. logo.]

Mike: I can’t believe it…

Sulley: Oh, Mike…

Mike: I was on TV! Ha! Did you see me? I’m a natural!

Okay, not really. But, still, even when you work around people that are on national television on a daily basis, it’s kind of amusing to play the “There I am!” game.

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  1. Reply Laz Nov 19,2003 6:06 am

    My wrist and recorder are on NHL 2Night and Sportscenter a lot. Every now and then my face is in the background of a gangbang interview.

    But my favorite “There I am!” gamewas during the 2000 NBA Draft, which I spent at the Milwaukee Bucks’ war room area. About a dozen Big Ten players got drafted, and every single highlight they showed was of them playing against Northwestern, since anyone looks good against NU. And since I was at every game, home and away, I counted nine instances of “There I am!” along press row during the various highlights. Granted, nobody but me would have noticed, but it’s still funny.

  2. Reply Laz Nov 19,2003 6:08 am

    Oh yeah, and there was this.


    That ran five columns. And I looked angry, hung over and disinterested (all of which I was, probably…)

    (I’m posting a lot here in these last few minutes.)

  3. Reply Ellen Nov 19,2003 9:23 am

    is that you, looking slightly unshaven directly to the right of the coach? the resolution sucks on my screen.

    if it is, you’re right, you do look hung over. if it’s not, at least that guy looks hung over, too :)

    and it’s all about postponing sleep through commenting on other people’s (or your own) weblogs.

  4. Reply Laz Nov 19,2003 6:04 pm

    Yeah, that was me. Grew the beard out over the summer for no discernable reason…

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