Day Of Eeeeeevil!

Halloween was a bit of a bust out here in L.A. Main Problem: It rained here for the first time since I moved here two months ago.

And it didn’t just drizzle and mist a bit and then stop after everyone had fled, as tends to be the case most of the time in LA. It fucking poured.

I haven’t seen rain this hard, anywhere, since I was in Utah on I-15 and had to pull the moving truck over because I couldn’t see three feet in front of me it was raining so hard.

I had originally intended to be a bottle of Jack Daniel’s for Halloween. I spent most of last night working on the costume, which because I’m broke was mostly consistent of black foamcore, white-out, and duct tape. None of which (besides the duct tape) is even water-resistant.

I had heard the forecast of rain, but like most sensible L.A. area residents, I completely ignored it. Rain here is something of a joke when it’s not Mudslide Season (which I’m informed is in the spring).

I was gonna head down to the West Hollywood “Carnaval” with some fine folks from work (Gabi and Deanna) and their friends, which of course in LA is something of a production because nobody lives anywhere near one another.

Anyway, we used this girl Gabi’s place south of West Hollywood as sort of a staging area, and I ended up stealing some of her saran wrap to try and mist-proof my costume.

However, as we were exiting Gabi’s building and it appeared we had accidentally stepped onto the set of The Perfect Storm. Rain was just coming down in sheets.

We ran into Gabi’s roommate (whose name, apropos of the last month, was also Ellen), who was coming back from the Carnaval, and said it was drenched and deserted.

We all eventually ended up going to a brewpub near UCLA and just hung out with other people dressed up like freaks, all of us having microbrews and wings in our costumes, figuring out what to try and do next.

It was fun, definitely the most fun I’ve had in a while, yet it was still somewhat anticlimactic, since the Carnaval (yes, that is how they spell it) is supposed to be one of the best Halloween events in the country.

Oh well. I guess on the upside, I already have my costume for next year, since it’s been seen by approximately five people, and I put a good amount of effort into it.

Hope the rest of you had a fun Halloween and didn’t have as much candy available to you at the office as I did….mmm….chocolate….

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