New Job!

First day of the new job went well.

I will forewarn you all that I did have to sign a confidentiality agreement, so alas, I can’t tell you who showed up drunk, stoned, or both (although this is normally patently obvious to the aware TV viewer), or who’s secretly gay (that information, I’m retaining for my own purposes).

So no celebrity gossip, kiddies. Probably won’t learn much anyway, since I basically work in the office, far far away from the famous people.

The people I’m gonna be working with all seem very nice and quite cool, which will definitely help. The work’s pretty much gonna be scut for a while, but that was expected.

Anyway, I’m kind of out of it right now, but I’ll post a few fun stories from my first week at some point. Until then I’ll see what oddities I can come up with in my normal life.

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