Last weekend, I got a little survey on my door asking if I had termites. Having not seen any bugs besides a disturbingly large fly that got in when I brought my bike in from the porch, I checked no.

So of course, since my apartment was one of the few not sprayed by the exterminator, now I’ve suddenly gotten an infestation of the little bastards.

They’re not terribly smart or terribly fast, which makes killing them fairly easy, but there’s an awful lot of them, which will make eradicating them fairly difficult.

Unfortunately, they’ve concentrated in the kitchen, most of the ones I can see being in the light fixture, which is profoundly disturbing when trying to make food.

Oh well. The super’s coming at some point in the next few days, so hopefully they’ll be gone soon. Until then, I guess I’ll just continue to shudder and squish.

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