Random Bits

Nothing major really happened today, but I did have a couple little things.

– I got woken up at 7am (after finally getting to sleep at 4) for the 2nd morning in a row by some fabulous folks I now call Circular Saw Man and Dropping Shit Dude.

CSM and DSD seem to be doing some work, but severe exhaustion has left me only muster enough energy to shake my fist at them through the drapes, the window, and from what I can hear of their actions, at least one floor.

We’ll see if they’re back tomorrow.

– I registered my car in California, and ended up getting my driver’s license too, since the guy who registered my car pointed out that if I got pulled over and I had an Illinois license and a California registration, I’d get a ticket.

I wasn’t quite sure why, but I figured, what the hell, I’m here already, and I always look like shit in my driver’s license photos anyway, it’ll be nice to have one to compare others favorably to.

The one problem was that when transferring a license from out of state, you have to take a written test, and there are certain little details that differ from state to state, like how far you have to stop in front of railroad tracks and such.

So I picked up a booklet on California’s rules and whipped through about half of it while waiting for the guy to approve my application.

Despite the fact that a) I had not even planned to take the test today and b) I studied for a total of ten minutes, I got only one question wrong out of thirty.

Sadly, this is the best I’ve done on a test since high school. Happily, it means I should be getting my California driver’s license one of these days.

For some reason here (perhaps to promote bureaucratic inefficiency and thus create jobs), they mail your license to you, instead of giving it to you on the spot like sane states (and D.C.).

I now have my old license with a hole punched in it and a piece of paper. I hope to god those will get me into a bar for the next month.

– I’m still waiting for a call back about something I interviewed for (which I will not elaborate upon so as not to jinx it any further than it already is).

I sent in my resume Wednesday, got a call Thursday, interviewed Friday, and the guy said he’d call back Monday.

No call Monday, of course. Left a message Tuesday morning. No call Tuesday or today, calling again tomorrow. I’m getting the sinking feeling this is gonna fall through.

– The big light in my kitchen seems to have been invaded by some rather large bugs. I can’t tell what kind of bugs, just large, stupid, and often dead.

I’m calling the super in the morning to have him come investigate. Better go brush up on my Russian!

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