This Would Be Great…If I Lived In Hawaii

My sleep schedule is totally fucked up.

I can’t get to sleep before four in the morning and thus can’t drag my lazy ass out of bed before 11.

Cooper, he of the work-mandated ridiculously early rising times, tends to get up and mock me for being awake even before I make my first attempt at sleep.

I’ve tried many things. Even the “Large Historical Book” attempt, which usually works wonders, is doing nothing. I started The Rise And Fall of The Third Reich about a week ago, and I’m already almost 150 pages into it.

Out of 1100 very, very densely written pages.

Most traditional sleeplessness cures like warm milk have never worked on me. Counting backwards from 1,000 worked until about midway through my sophomore year of college, but has utterly failed since.

I’ve had a couple of days where I had to get up early, and I thought, “Ah, this will be the day I break the cycle, I’ll get tired earlier!” Right, about 15 hours earlier. I’ve ended up taking a nap every time.

I’ve tried eating. I’ve tried not eating. I’ve tried pacing around to tire myself out. About the only thing I haven’t tried is working, but alas, that one’s not in my control.

But I guess for now, I’ll stick with bad movies and thick books, because at least I do sleep eventually. I’ve had a couple of periods of genuine insomnia, and they have just plain blown.

So things could be worse. I just needed to vent. Now it’s time to go stare at the ceiling for the next few hours…

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