Learn To Toast, People!

I haven’t met that many people from my building, but the ones I’ve met seem to be fairly intelligent. However, someone who lives on my side of the building betrays this appearance, for they do not understand how to operate a toaster.

Five times over the last week, I’ve caught the distinctive smell of burnt toast wafting through my window.

Once or twice, okay, maybe I’d understand it. The toaster’s on the fritz, but the person hasn’t entirely realized it. So either this person likes their toast flambĂ©, or they’re just remarkably stupid.

If your toaster’s new or not working, what do you do? You keep an eye on it, so your toast doesn’t burn. If you don’t, you’re liable to have bigger problems than burnt toast.

I’m actually more annoyed at the smell than I am worried about the fire potential, mostly because my building is pretty much entirely concrete. But you’d think by now this person would have figured out, “Hey, I’m burning my toast an awful lot. I need to change my toasting strategy!”

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