Scheduling Conflict

Ah, how office politics can extend to places without an office…So I had a little bit of a scare today when I picked up my work schedule for the week after next: my name wasn’t on the schedule at all.

I had told the managers I was going to quit on the 10th of August (giving me a couple full days to pack my shit before I had to throw it all in the truck for LA), but apparently the manager who does the schedule had forgotten about that.

There are three managers at work, and I get along very well with two of them. Alas, the other one has recently started doing the schedule, and I’ve been getting screwed on shifts ever since.

I suspect she doesn’t like me very much, mostly because the tone of voice she uses when she talks to me is the same as the one I would use were I talking to a disobedient five year old. I return the dislike because she’s really bad at dealing with any kind of major problem, and basically makes any crisis we have worse.

So I looked at the schedule and was like um, shit? I was counting on the money I was going to make that week to help me pay for some of my exploits on my forthcoming roadtrip across the West.

Fortunately for me, she also screwed another guy over (he’s going to Jamaica starting that Wednesday and obviously she forgot about it), so I picked up a week’s worth of shifts from him. It all worked out well for both of us in the end.

But still, nearly gave me a goddamn heart attack.

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