I’m sick. This is reason enough to be pissed, but for some reason having a nasty hacking cough in the middle of the summer is pissing me off more.

For some reason, I’m more okay with being sick in the winter. Miserable weather, miserable health. Seems to go together, right? But for some reason being ill in the summer just seems so…wrong.

And particularly the cough. Now I could understand getting streph throat, since that sort of goes around all summer. But this cough is the kind of hack that’s generally associated with Chicago’s -20 windchills and snowy winters.

Blah. Well, I guess complaining isn’t really going to do me any good, so I should just shut up and start chugging NyQuil. And then something that doesn’t taste so bad to wash the taste out of my mouth. Like turpentine.

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