Gloat On!

I would like to announce that my tremendous amount of useless knowledge (at least when combined with others’ useless knowlege) is worth: 30 bucks.

My team, “Jesus, We’re Nerds!” (a name arrived at when we were deciding whether to be Cistern of Justice, then someone asked the spelling of Cistern and the other five of us spelled it at the same time, prompting our titular comment), won Bar Trivia at the 1800 club this evening, to the tune of almost 180 bucks.

Since there were six of us (Drumroll Please: Me, Mark, Ross, Eddy, Tony, and Andrea) it wasn’t quite as substantive when we divided it, but we did get the neener factor.

And to Will, Jack, Lummis and Jeremy (“Osato Ate My Baby”), and all our other competitors, but particularly the “Teenage Mutant Nympho Turtles”: Mwahahahahhaha! Mwhahahahah! Mwahahah…ha..ahaha ha …ha?

That is all.

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