I got a fun present today: Baby’s First Migrane.

My head has never hurt like this. I feel a lot better than I did, even though I’m still at the “horrendously bitchy headache” stage. However much this sucks, I must remember it’s better than the “elephant standing on my eyeballs” stage.

I ended up leaving work because I was pretty much incapacitated by the pain. Fortunately, Cleo and Joel were in the mall (shoe shopping, of course) and had been planning to stop by so they were able to help me and my car get home when I called Joel to beg him to give me a ride home.

This just sucks. If my ex and I were on speaking terms, I’d call her and apologize profusely for everything I ever did when she had her 2-week migrane. Given how much just a few hours of this blows and makes me homicidal, I’m quite surprised she didn’t kill me within 3 days.

Joel joked that this was going to lead to another surgery for me. Beyond the “Ees not a toomah!” jokes that are obvious, I really hope to hell this is nothing serious. This stupid year has been more than enough for me to handle already, and it’s only July.

It’s enough to give a girl a headache. Oh, wait…

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