Okay, the graduation post is coming. Eventually.

However, I’ve been sucked into reading all the Harry Potter books again, since I got the fifth book but couldn’t remember what the fuck happened in the other books, so I clearly have to reread them all before getting to the fifth book.

This is the primary reason for the dealys. That, and summer has made me incredibly, incredibly lazy.

It’s very difficult to get anything of substance done when it’s nice and toasty outside, and it’s cool enough for me to go laze about in the living room without it being so hot that I’m forced to retreat to my air-conditioned bedroom.

The other problem is that I feel like I can’t post regularly again until I finish the graduation post, and since that’s gonna be looooooong and I don’t feel like typing it now, I haven’t posted anything at all.

Yes, I do realize this line of reasoning officially makes me clinically insane. But I’ll get around to it. Eventually.

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