Watch This Space

I’m way too tired to type the full graduation thing quite yet, but I’m feeling a lot better, despite the fact that my voice is still making me sound like I have the plague. That should be fun taking orders tomorrow. “I’ll have a Thai pizza, no botulism, please.”

The sunburn on my face is pretty much gone, but I’m still at Condition Lobster on my back. Hopefully that will go down in time for the Pride Parade next week, at which I will be getting thoroughly burned yet again, as long as I can find someone to take my shift.

Also gone are my parents, which is a bit of a relief. Having mom, dad, Ray Ann, and my stepuncle Don all here at once was more than a little overwhelming. It was good to have them all here, though.

Anyway, hopefully I’ll get started on the graduation post tomorrow and it’ll be up later this week. You people are just gonna have to entertain yourselves until then.

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