I’ve had several people ask me how it feels to be 22. The answer: Pretty much the same.

I didn’t get as drunk as I did last year (an easy task, because I was falling down drunk last year). There just wasn’t as much of a sense of change this year.

I think the birthdays in your early 20’s are not unlike your 19th birthday. Nothing actually happens except a number rolling over on the odometer of life. Sometimes it feels like it’s just a reason to start feeling old.

But it’s also a reason to have a party and be reminded of how much your friends rock. And that makes the feeling old part worth it, because your friends will make you laugh, mock you when you’re being dumb, and overall show that they love you.

And to sound sappier than the Inspirational Movie Of The Week, that’s the best birthday present a girl could ask for.

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