Stupid Day

I woke up really early this morning to go to the doctor, and I got the good news that both of my scars are healing well, and are almost done healing. I thought this would be a good omen, and that I’d have a good day.

Then I decided to go back to sleep for a while, since I was still tired. That was my big mistake. You see, the way my life works, each day’s luck starts over when I go to sleep. I killed my good luck by taking a nap.

First I had to iron my shirts for work, an activity that I cannot even begin to describe my hatred for. I feel so fucking old when I realize I have a job that things need to be ironed for. Plus, it’s just boring. So that got me in a bad mood.

Then there was a really nasty thunderstorm going on when I left the house to go to work, and I got drenched going to my car.

It was still pouring when I got rear-ended by this kid on my way to work.

Neither of us was hurt, since I was stopped and he was going about 15 or 20 miles an hour, and my car just had some minor rear fender damage. The guy’s car was crunched pretty good though. And his was a rental. Evidently under his dad’s name.

I felt kind of bad for him, because if the situation had been reversed, I might easily have done the same thing. However, I still want my car fixed, so I’m still gonna file a claim. He was so scared, and I knew how he felt. I wanted to call his parents and be like, “Don’t ground him!”

I wasn’t gonna file an accident report since my insurance company said I didn’t need one, but the rental car company told him he needed one, so I filed one when I got home. It’s not like he can say it wasn’t his fault since the damage pretty much points to nothing else besides he hit me, but whatever.

Anyway, then work kind of sucked and I was running all over the restaurant and got a couple of real shitty tips, and it was just a coda to the overall sucktasticness of the day. Blah.

However, I’m still really grateful that I wasn’t hurt, since that would have been a whopping 32 days between trips to the hospital (see previous post). Anyway, I’m going to bed in hopes of once again reversing my luck.

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