So my appendicitis recovery has hit a snag. I’ve had this minor complication, which, while not painful or threatening, is a) kind of gross and b) turning into a(nother) major pain in the ass.

I’m not going to go into details, because the details, frankly, are disgusting. The consequence of the details, however, is that I get to go to the doctor every day until my complication clears up, which could be a week or more.

I am supremely unhappy about this, not least because I’m told the main time for me to come in on Saturday is from 9-11am. Saturday, people! It’s not a major complication, but I’m just sick of having things be more complicated than they need to be.

I know I shouldn’t complain, because it could be a lot worse. I’m just sick and tired of my health problems right now. I don’t know how I’m going to deal with being old and decrepit, if being young and decrepit bugs me this much.

Some days I wish I could just take back the last six months, rewind to being miserable and still in school, but healthy. But I realize it’s fruitless to dwell on such fantasies, because they’re not gonna happen. I’ve just gotta heal my holes, and move on.

Maybe one of these days, I’ll have the trifecta: Happy, Healthy, and Working. Right now, however, having all three at once seems like a longer shot than Funny Cide winning the Triple Crown. But you never know.

Stranger things have happened.

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