The Worst Part

The thing that drives me the most nuts about this absurd appendicitis bullshit is that it really fucking hurts when I laugh.

Comedic movies have been banned from my DVD player. The Simpsons can be watched because there are usually decent enough breaks between the laughs to recover. I read the Onion far slower than usual this week.

I can deal with the not being able to walk very fast. I can deal with the back pain from lying so as to not put pressure on either of my wounds. I can even deal with the uncertainty this whole charade has thrown my life back into.

But not being able to watch such fine comedies as Airplane!, Some Like It Hot, and Blazing Saddles? It’s just pissing me off.

Oh well. I guess I’ll just have to survive by trying not to laugh at the shitty dramas on cable TV.

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