Exactly What I Needed

When I turned on my car to go to the doctor this morning, it was about fifty times louder than normal. So after I went to the doctor, I took the car into the shop to see why it was being so pissy.

Answer: Busted exhaust pipe, a couple of gaskets that need to be replaced, and something else I can’t remember right now.

Cost: About $1,000.

Not getting my car back til: Monday at the earliest.

Fuck: Fuckity fuck fuck fuck.

I had to beg my dad for money again, which I really fucking hate doing (though not, I suspect, as much as he hates it), because I don’t have a spare thousand bucks sitting around for the purpose of fixing my car, and I’m also unemployed.

I need to find a job, and soon, that doesn’t require much exertion, doesn’t require me to sit, and doesn’t put me in constant danger.

The last qualifier rules out bank robbery, which I was considering, but since I quit my previous job because I was seriously afraid I’d get shot, it’d be somewhat hypocritical for me to take another job where getting shot is one of the major hazards.

This also rules out the military. When I called to beg my dad for money, my stepmom answered, and said “Well, as long as you don’t join the military.” I pointed out there’s a certain Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy that they’re probably not enforcing right now that rules me out, but she still made me promise.

Some days I just want to curl up under a rock until this stupid thing heals, and other days I just want to go out and get on with my life. Today came from Door #1. Hopefully I won’t have to choose from the doors much longer.

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