Out Of Commission

This weblog will be on hold for the next few days because of health issues.

Specifically, I have to have a pain in the ass surgically removed tomorrow: a cyst at the base of my tailbone.

The surgery itself is supposed to be fairly routine, and this problem is apparently much more common than people realize (probably because most people who have it don’t really like to talk about it). The recovery will be a bit more interesting.

Because of the, ahem, location of the incision, it can’t be closed with stiches, which seriously prolongs the recovery time. Basically, I’m not gonna be able to function normally (i.e. sit comfortably) for at least a week or two, and full healing is four to six weeks.

I will not enlighten you on any further details of the procedure, because having heard them, even I don’t want to know them and I’m the person having this procedure performed upon me.

Mercifully, they did not even give me the option of using a local anesthetic, because I would have told them, “I will hit myself over the head with a baseball bat if I have to, but I am not going to be conscious for this.”

Hopefully, with the aid of some powerful painkillers, I’ll be able to post at least a couple brief updates on my sorry condition, and anything else that strikes my drug-enhanced fancy.

So long, my friends! When I reappear, I will no longer have a pain in the ass, I will simply be one.

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