Hooray For Bread

I am officially finished with the Atkins Diet!

Well, at least the way I’m doing it.

I did the “induction phase” (20g or less carbs a day) for a full month, mostly because I have such a vast waistland. I’ve managed to lose about 17 or 18 pounds, though the acid test will be whether I can actually keep it off.

I think I will, mostly because I’ve seen how much less it actually takes to get me full than I normally used to eat, and I’ve become able to tolerate certain healthy options that I was previously unable to stand (certain green veggies in particular).

All I know is, when I wake up tomorrow, I’m going for a slice Katy’s chocolate banana bread first thing, and having it with a big glass of milk, since I haven’t had real fruit, sugar, chocolate, or milk for the last month. And anyone who’s had this bread knows how good it is.

And then I’ll probably be passing out in diabetic shock.

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